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Effortless Order Management

Our restaurant management system simplifies your restaurant’s ordering process. With real-time updates and an intuitive interface, managing orders has never been easier. Experience seamless order management with our system.


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Efficient Order Management with KDS

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Our state-of-the-art Kitchen Display System (KDS) empowers your restaurant with seamless order management. witness the intuitive interface of our KDS, displaying a comprehensive list of incoming orders. With real-time updates, organized order queues, and at-a-glance details, our KDS ensures precision and efficiency in your kitchen operations. Experience the future of order management and elevate your dining experience with our advanced technology.

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In-House Features

Order Handling
Inventory Tracking
Table Reservation

At BeatQ, we pride ourselves on offering a seamless and comprehensive order management system. Our in-house page provides a real-time overview of all types of orders, catering to the diverse needs of our patrons. From paid to unpaid, pending to completed, our system keeps you informed about every transaction status. Whether customers choose to dine in, opt for a takeaway, or enjoy the convenience of doorstep delivery, you can effortlessly track and manage each order from initiation to fulfillment. This centralized hub ensures that you have complete visibility into your restaurant's operations, empowering you to provide efficient service and a delightful dining experience for every guest.

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Customer ordering

Ordering Process for Your Customers

Seamless Menu Navigation For Customers

User-Friendly Ordering
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Experience the epitome of convenience with our restaurant management system's customer ordering feature. Our user-friendly interface ensures a seamless and efficient ordering process for your customers, allowing them to browse the menu, customize their selections, and place orders with just a few taps. The intuitive design enhances the overall dining experience, providing a quick and hassle-free way for customers to enjoy your delicious offerings. Say goodbye to long queues and welcome a new era of effortless ordering with our innovative restaurant management system.

Customer Order Page

Our Features

Why BeatQ?

Easy to Use

User-friendly interface for seamless operations.

No Installation Required

Access your system instantly without the need for installation.

Cloud Operated

Effortlessly manage your restaurant from anywhere with cloud support.

Cross Device Compatible

Access your system from any device for seamless compatibility.

Multiple Payment Types

Accept payments through Dojo, cash, momo, and more.

Multiple Delivery Options

Choose from delivery services like Stuart, Uber Eats, and more.

Multiple Role Management

Assign roles such as Manager, Waiter, Salesperson, etc.

Cloud Printer

Efficiently print orders and receipts with cloud-enabled printers.


Manage and track restaurant reservations seamlessly.

Kitchen (KD)

Streamline kitchen operations with dedicated kitchen display.

Bar (BD)

Efficiently manage bar orders and inventory.

Wallet Integration

Seamless integration with digital wallets for easy payments.

Design Your Custom Floor Plan

Create and customize your restaurant floor plan for optimal layout.


Access comprehensive reports for better decision-making.

Marketing Campaign

Run effective marketing campaigns to boost your restaurant's reach.

Coupon Management

Efficiently manage and track coupon usage and promotions.


client feedback

Emily Turner

beatQ has revolutionized our restaurant operations. The user-friendly interface and efficient order management have significantly improved our service.

Mike Johnson

As a restaurant owner, beatQ has streamlined our processes, from order handling to inventory tracking. It's a must-have for any dining establishment.

Lisa Rodriguez

Impressed with beatQ's ability to enhance communication among staff and optimize table turnover. Our restaurant runs more smoothly with this management system.

Alex Thompson

The real-time analytics provided by beatQ have given us valuable insights into customer preferences and dining trends, helping us make informed business decisions.

Jessica Lee

Since implementing beatQ, our restaurant has experienced increased efficiency in kitchen operations and a noticeable improvement in overall customer satisfaction. A game-changer for us!

Business Types

Fine Dining

Elegant and upscale dining experience.

Casual Dining

Relaxed atmosphere with a diverse menu.


Luxurious accommodations and dining.


Lively atmosphere with drinks and entertainment.


Exciting nightlife and entertainment.

Counter Service

Quick and convenient counter-style service.

Fast Food

Quick and tasty fast-food options.

Fast Casual

Casual dining with a quick-service approach.

Coffee Shop

Relaxing environment with a variety of coffee options.

Food Truck/Concession

Mobile culinary experience at events and locations.


Convenient delivery service for your favorite meals.


Specializing in delicious pizza varieties.


Self-service dining with diverse menu options.


Offering a variety of deli and grocery items.


Freshly baked goods and sweet treats.


Providing catering services for special events.

Retirement Home

Dining services for residents in retirement homes.


Culinary delights at festivals and events.

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